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Wood Tonal


Wood Tonal is a speaker that does not require external energy, is ecological and has a unique aesthetic that reflects the essence of the material. This speaker is made of recycled chips of Teak wood, the cut was unique to this particular speaker and pressed with manual presses to achieve the desired square shape. It should be noted that the wood was cut and stuck in such a way that the natural veins stood out.  For the exterior finish, I used a high gloss finish based on sealant and lacquer so that the natural veins of the wood would stand out to look more colorful and bright.

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Houd Sound is a creator and manufacturer of handmade wooden speakers, which, requires no electricity, plugs nor cables. The passive amplifiers rely solely on the output of the external speaker of any mobile phone device. From the brief generated by Houd Sound,  design a unique personalized speaker based on the type of wood that reflects the values and communication policy of the brand.

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Role in the Project

  • Head designer

  • Material selection

  • Product design

  • Product development

  • Photographer

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Design Tools

  • Sketches

  • Ergonomic studies

  • Sound distribution studies

  • Wood handcraft technics

  • Finishing technics

  • Photography

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Wood Tonal: Pro Gallery
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