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Team Members - Ana Laura Andrade, Ivan Caballero, Moisés Hernández, Manuel Ortiz

WOOCOA consists on creating an animal free wool fabric from vegetable fibers found in Colombia. We specifically chose hemp and coconut fibers due to their biological and mechanical properties and because these fibers are often unexploited and wasted. Furthermore, we intend to support families that have lost their illegal harvesting jobs with the implementation of the Colombian peace agreement by offering them an opportunity to produce hemp in a legal context and promoting a new agroindustry in our country. The fibers are treated with lignin-degrading enzymes, laccases, extracted from the oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, which makes the fibers soft and colorless. The resulting material is then woven into threads and fabrics which can be used to make clothes and create a vegan Colombian wool.


Start-up Team 2019
Giovanna Danies, Moisés Hernández, Carolina Obregón, Manuel Ortiz

WOOCOA’s journey begins by winning the 2018 Biodesign Stella McCartney’s and PETA’s special Animal-Free Wool challenge. The price provided WOOCOA a visit to Stella McCartney’s HQ in London, UK. Since then, the startup has focused on creating a biobased regenerative Animal-Free wool using waste from medicinal Cannabis plantations in the north-western region of Colombia in collaboration with Cannalivio, one of the leading companies
in this field.


WOOCOA official teaser


Social impact

With our project we seek to propel Colombia into a hopeful and sustainable future. Where peace is the pathway for economic growth and ensure a better life for our people, a future where new technologies can be developed through education with biodesign tools and methods and be environmentally responsible.

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WOOCOA material

The WOOCOA material is unique due to its mechanical and chemical properties. WOOCOA is a biofabricated wool that is a hygroscopic, thermal, and antimicrobial fiber obtained from medicinal marijuana waste. The fiber is durable, easy-to-dye, environmentally friendly also flexible, elastic, and wicks away humidity. Its produced under a circular and regenerative process. Other bio-products are biobricks and biopackaging.


Role in the Project

  • Systemic thinking/strategy 

  • Product development

  • Scientific research

  • Fiber and enzymes experimentation

  • Community facilitator

  • Contribute to product design

  • Contribute to product communication

  • Project speaker


Design Tools

  • Fly on the wall

  • Shadowing

  • Scientific papers

  • Interviews

  • Moodboard

  • Branding

  • Concept design

  • Provotypes

  • Prototypes

  • Photography


Design Process

WOOCOA: Pro Gallery
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