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Waste & Growth

Team Members - Paula Camiña, Cinzia Ferrari, Moisés Hernández, Meiqi Peng, Emily Roscoe

In relation to the global waste crisis, the aim is to explore the use of mycelium as a biological binder in order to invent and test innovative materials for mycelium growth in upcycled waste. In this case we focused on a local waste concept which is the waste from Central Saint Martins facilities such as workshops, offices, studios, etc. to cultivate Pleurotus ostreatus. The final goal was to create and design a 1.50x1.50 meters modular tiling system with an specific pattern in order to visualize how the mycelium could take the shape.

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The objective with the project was to upgrade the local waste, in this case sawdust, paper cups and coffee grounds collected from Central Saint Martins since it is primarily the one of the main sources of waste. It is aimed as a permacultured system as this waste can be reapplied and reused as a biomaterial.

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Role in the Project

  • Waste collection

  • Substrate preparation

  • Contribute to tile design

  • Contribute to product development

  • Research & development

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Design Tools

  • 3D Modeling 

  • Substrate prototyping 

  • Photography

  • Mycelium cultivation 

  • Scientific research

  • Moodboard

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