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Waste & Color

Team Members - Paula Camiña, Cinzia Ferrari, Moisés Hernández, Meiqi Peng, Emily Roscoe

Waste & Color is an exploration of the potential of natural dyes in the industry, it shows the possibility of dyeing bamboo and nylon fabrics with pigments extracted from different waste sources from local waste in the UK. This is a project collaboration that aims for harmless and circular alternatives for dyeing such as food peels, coffee grounds, sea food, among others, instead of using toxic chemicals that can pollute the environment.

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Currently, households in the UK waste 4.5 million tonnes of food each year. The main objective with the project was to use this waste, in this case we found that 500.000 tons of coffee grounds are waste in the UK per day, 2.7 million tons of whole carrots are wasted in the UK per day, 1 million tons of onion peel are wasted in the UK per day and 85.000 tons of prawn are wasted in the UK per year. Following this idea, we experimented with waste such as carrots, lime peels, hazelnut shells, coffee grounds, walnuts, prawn shells, and onion peels.

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Design Process

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