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SAAR candleholder


SAAR is a cradle-to-cradle product, its manufacture is based on recycled materials, such as bottle caps and remains of pieces of wood discarded by Universidad de los Andes’ students. The candleholder comes with seven (7) sets, each including seven (7) candles. Each candle represents the color of a different chakra, with corresponding aroma that symbolizes it - cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, orange, eucalyptus, pine and oriental flowers. Therefore, one can light the set according to the meditation and the chakra that is needed to enlighten and waken.

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The idea was to choose an already existing product and develop an industrial production of the same identical product, while maintaining the highest possible standards of quality in all its replicas, including the product idea, its design, packaging and product communication.

For this proiect, our group chose a candleholder. Since it was necessary to simulate a mass production of the same product with upcycling materials.

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Role in the Project

  • Researcher 

  • Lamp making/creation

  • Packaging development

  • Photographer

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Design Tools

  • Sketches

  • Moodboard

  • Concept

  • Paper prototyping

  • Prototypes

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Design Installation

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SAAR: Pro Gallery
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