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Eternal Love installation

Team Members - Franky Aguilar, Blanca Chavarria, Moisés Hernández, Angela Mesa, Diana Rodríguez

The aim of project of the course Creative Direction, was to develop an installation based on the interpretation of the song, "All is full of love," by musical artist Björk. It consists of a robotic tree that contains the formula of eternal love in its core. It could be said that it is a combination of the source of eternal youth with the tree of life. This tree, built by a machine, seeks to teach the human being how to make his love last and transcend through time. In the core or heart, lies the secret of eternal love that flows through the branches and keeps them functioning. Its trunk, illuminated by a light that symbolizes hope, is made of cables that connect it to the nucleus. We seek to contrast the red color of the nucleus, the light inside and the branches with a cold, dark external universe and white colors like that of a scientific laboratory.

Eternal Love: Text
Eternal Love: Image

Concept - Love transcends

The human being is conceived in this world without a purpose, does not understand why it exists, is an imperfect being who knows that he is going to die and that is why he continually seeks to leave a legacy, which can remain and transcend through time. Throughout his existence he realizes that the most valuable feeling is that of being able to love and feel loved, to share his life with someone of his likeness. But can love transcend beyond the human kind? Can it stay true through time? When encountering another being, there is sometimes a deep connection that goes beyond chemistry, physics or even instinct; it goes beyond what the mind can understand or explain. These souls are intertwined and are being reconstructed through time like a kind of symbiosis in which they become part of each another. This love is continually rebuilt, perfected despite the innate imperfection of the human being, survives and remains.

Eternal Love: Text
Eternal Love: Image

Role in the Project

  • Leadership & Project management

  • Researcher

  • Video analyst

  • Concept developer

  • Contribute to design of final product

  • Contribute to assembling of final piece

Eternal Love: Text

Design Tools

  • Sketches

  • Frame analysis 

  • Concept

  • Moodboard

  • 3D modelling

  • Model prototyping 

Eternal Love: Text

Design Process

Eternal Love: Text
Eternal Love: Pro Gallery
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