The CASCADE chair is the example of harmony and beauty; it is the combination between a noble and living material such as wood, and a cold and clean material, such as metal. It is greatly influenced by Ray and Charles Eames in terms of the use and presentation of the curved wood, the wood veneer and the white color of the metallic hind legs. For this reason, it is called CASCADE because of the way the wood starts from the back and flows into the floor.



The aim was to establish an understanding of the existing relationship between different materials in terms of form, tectonics and technique, and the manufacture of an object. Form must be understood in a way as the presentations that the material offers. Tectonics, is the way in which the form of the material is in capability of producing a technique associated with the material, which by definition corresponds to its emerging properties. The ultimate goal was to manufacture a piece of furniture, which by its design, is based conceptually on the technical properties of a certain, chosen material.


Role in the Project

  • Head designer and researcher

  • Material application

  • Product design

  • Product development

  • Photographer


Design Tools

  • Sketches

  • Moodboard

  • Principles of Ergonomics

  • Concept development 

  • 3D modelling

  • Paper prototyping 


Design Process