algae bioreactor

Team Members - Paula Camiña, Cinzia Ferrari, Moisés Hernández, Meiqi Peng, Emily Roscoe

This project aims to understand the algae world, which conditions they need, environmental role, benefits, applications, morphology among others, in order to design a speculative working bioreactor. We developed a profound research of an specific algae strain from Prof. Saul Purton and controlled experiments to evaluate the behavior of it. As a final product we build a bioreactor that could potentially be applied for intensive landfarming with biomass production.



Algae are a diverse set of organisms that can live in marine or fresh water, they can do photosynthesis and can be unicellular or multicellular. They can be used to produce medicines, food - feed, hydrocolloids, fuels, biomaterials, antioxidants, pigments. In this case, we evaluated the potential to use this biomass as an alternative food source for farming produced through this unique bioreactor. Its design is meant to be a container that can be flipped to remove and extract the biomass from the liquid.


Design Process